Mildly outlandish, anyway.  For me.  I'm wearing gold lipstick, anyway.  See, I woke up this morning with cramps, a world-class backache, and a craving for chocolates.  The last thing I wanted to do was get properly dressed and walk outside to take pictures!  I knew I'd be more productive today if I put on real clothes, but the entire concept of wearing a belt (or anything that fastens around one's waist) seemed inhumane and unreasonable.

I ended up opting for a summer sundress, plus enough layers to get me through the day... but really, the outfit is an excuse to showcase the shoes!  If you're following me on Instagram, you might have seen that I be-glittered the soles yesterday, and I'm really quite excited about how they turned out!

Hair scarf: Grandma
White knit sweater: Forever21
Blue sundress: Made by me, Butterick 7139
Bangles: Various thrift stores
Bright minty blue tights: Target ($5, and darn well worth it!)
Mrs. Lower Pumps: by Irregular Choice!  More to come on these and their glitter treatment soon.