My parents, as I think I've mentioned once or twice, are outdoorsy people.  For the last few years, my mother has insisted on being taken birding for her birthday.  That didn't quite work out this year, but we managed to get in a belated birthday birding trip today!

I admit that in some ways these pictures are a bit of a fabrication... I spent most of the time looking at the birds through my camera lens, not binoculars!  The landscape at the wildlife refuge we went to was absolutely gorgeous, and we saw lots of waterfowl and quite a few hawks, including the one I managed to snap a rather close-up picture of.  On our way out of the refuge at twilight, a barn owl sailed across the road in front of us and dropped like a rock into some tall reeds on the opposite side.  We stopped and waited for a few moments, but the owl came up empty-handed, or empty-taloned, as the case may be.

Hair bow: Icing
Grey wool coat with rabbit collar: Weave
Black cardigan: Gift from Doug's mom
Black leather belt: Grandma's
Yellow and grey '60s sundress: Made by me, Simplicity 4395
Grey leggings: Target (I'm still peeved I accidentally bought the ones without feet!)
Black ballet flats: Reflection.  Or maybe the other shoe shop.