On Friday night, Doug and I made an excursion out to see the Lamplighters' production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Princess Ida.  I spent quite a bit of time poking through my closet and asking Doug "What should I wear?" as a result... it turns out that I only have one cocktail-type dress that I like and feel comfortable in.  My closet houses a sizeable collection of formal gowns for performance, quite a few casual day dresses, and very little in between.  I guess I'll be putting "little black dress" on my wishlist!

I ended up wearing this adorable early '60s dress I bought a few months ago.  It has pockets and a beaded collar that offset the business-y navy nicely.  It was missing a few buttons when I got it, but I managed to order identical buttons on Etsy (yay!) and it's in proper working order again now.  Unfortunately, I had trouble shaking the feeling that I might look like a very sparkly flight attendant instead of like a normal theater-goer!  Doug assured me that I was over-thinking things... but there's just something about navy and a pencil skirt!

Sky blue coat with purple buttons: Goodwill
Navy dress with beading and rhinestones: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Silver patent belt: Target
Rhinestone bracelet: Busia's, maybe?
Exceedingly sparkly shoes: DSW, originally for my Senior Recital