No weigh-in today, I entirely forgot when I woke up this morning!  We'll see how I'm doing next week, I suppose.  I only wish that the local grocery store had kale in stock.  We found a lovely recipe for kale salad (I swear it's good) and the store has been taunting us with a large poster advertising the wonders of kale and a sadly empty slot in the greens section for the last few weeks.

Today's outfit started with the shirt, followed by the shoes, followed by me having quite some trouble figuring out what to pair with it.  It's not exactly what my standard fare looks like, but I think it worked...  With enough confidence and the right shoes, a girl can wear nearly anything!

Hair floofle: Icing
Loudly patterned teal shirt: Grandma
Dark teal belt: Some antiques mall...
Khaki skirt: Goodwill in Vacaville, maybe?
Dark teal shoes: Goodwill