Well, I watched the Superbowl with my parents last night, and we were all disappointed with the 49ers loss. Darn.  I try to act interested in sports for an evening and the team I pick loses!

Now to swing by the Goodwill before I head back home, I saw an interesting storage bench/clothing valet combination that might just fulfill my need for a chair for my vanity.  Hopefully it's still there!  I've made this mistake before, leaving things at the thrift store and deciding I want them later to find they've already sold.

Hair flower: Icing
Black and red moonglow lucite necklace: Great-grandma, maybe?
Red shirt: Goodwill
Gold glitter belt: Target
Black wool pencil skirt: Goodwill
Gold glitter bangle: Goodwill
Red leather pumps: Goodwill