This week, time got away from me in a major way.  I don't know what happens, but it's like I don't realize that the week has started until Tuesday and I don't catch up until Wednesday and then suddenly it's  Friday again and somehow I haven't done half the things I meant to do.

Like blog.

And even though Wednesday has come and gone, I'm attaching this week's weigh-in to this post:

Current Weight: 139.6 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 139.2 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  4.4 lbs

Somehow I've managed to not lose much this week (I blame the large batch of chocolate pudding we made and ate after I got fillings...) but Doug and I have been walking more, and today we started this weight-lifting routine.  Only 12 weeks left, so I'd better start making more intelligent choices about my activity level.  I think I've gotten the healthy diet mostly figured out by now, but it's been hard to get out and move around...  

I found a new cotton sundress at Goodwill a few weeks ago... I think it'll be my Lent dress (what, doesn't everyone like to match the liturgical colors?).  I tested it out by wearing it to our service and rehearsal on Ash Wednesday.  It's not absolutely perfect, but it was $6 and I can fit a petticoat under it, so there.

Purple hair floofles: Various
Ashy smudge on forhead: c/o Ash Wednesday services
Heart necklace: Gift from Doug
Purple dress: Goodwill
Black leather belt: Grandma
Black gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Black leather shoes with cutouts: Goodwill

We had a very nice Valentine's Day Off on Thursday, complete with a nice morning walk, exchanging gifts, and me dressing a bit like a giant box of chocolates.  I know that Valentine's day isn't everyone's thing, but since my family's motto is "Any Excuse For A Party" and Doug and I also started dating on a Valentine's day... well, it's a good excuse to be obnoxiously lovey for a day.

Small flower garden on my head: Various
Red rhinestone earrings: Gift from Doug
Red long-sleeved shirt: Anchor Blue
Pink camisole: Charlotte Russe
Pink patent  belt: Target
Bangles: Various
Red floral purse: Vera Bradley, gift from my Aunt Sue
Red felt skirt: Made by moi
Pink petticoat: Evangeline's
Pink ballet tights: Capezio
Red pumps: Goodwill

We went walking again this morning (also, this is what my legs look like when they aren't buried in skirts!) and went to the hardware store for a bit of pipe for our home gym so that we could try some different weightlifting things.

Black & grey floral camisole: American Eagle
Grey fleece sweater: Target
Yoga pants: Target
Black & purple exercise shoes: NewBalance 310, from Sports Authority