Although I'd seen it on several blogs and thought it looked pretty nifty, I'd been able to resist the urge to buy OPI Lights of the Emerald City for several weeks.  I admit that my willpower was assisted by a lack of trips to ULTA, and the color being out of stock when I finally did go... but then the last time I went it was in stock again (yay!) and everything I'd gone to ULTA to buy was out of stock (boo) so I waffled for a few minutes, picked up the color, and headed to the register.

Since most of the pictures I've seen online show Lights of the Emerald city layered over the pale shades it was released with, I decided to try layering it over something completely different:  Revlon Valentine.  My camera absolutely refused to pick up the depth of color properly... Valentine is a few shades darker and a touch blue-er than these photos suggest, and the little opalescent glitter squares pop like embers against it.
Application was a little odd on Lights of the Emerald City.  I didn't have too much trouble getting the glitter on the nail, but I had to be at least a little selective... and the polish it was suspended in was very thick and squishy... probably to prevent the glitters from sinking to the bottom.

Verdict is that I love it anyway, and I've already incorporated it into my next nail art look!  What do you think of square glitters?