Hello, hello.  I admit that I have been a bit remiss in my posting this week.  Something to do with the fact that, although it was a lovely trip in every other respect, Doug and I seem to have both come down with some sort of nasty bug on our return trip from Boston.  It wasn't so bad at the beginning of the week... I was mostly okay, just tired and congested.  It seems that travelling has given me some sort of nasty head cold and given Doug a mild flu of some kind... he's been in bed with a fever the last two days, and I haven't been feeling much more active!

So, not much exercise this week, and only weight loss of the slowly=wasting-away-in-bed variety.  I am SO eager to get out and walk again, the weather has really warmed up!

Current Weight: 138.6 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 139.6 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  5.4 lbs

And what I wore running about to do some errands:  The pants seem to have shrunk a bit in the wash, but they're still comfy enough for puttering about town.

And, what I've really looked like for most of the week:

Thank goodness for strong ginger ale, right?  What are your favorite cold remedies?