I believe I have mentioned before my strange tendency to pick out my Sunday outfits based on the colors of the current liturgical season.  It's absolutely pointless now, of course, since the choir I sing in wears robes, but at my last church we did not have such luxuries, and the priests were very keen on having all the laypeople matching the colors of the season.

Besides, I need excuses to break in my super sparkly shoes!  I had a few people tell me that they reminded them of Cinderella slippers, which I suspect is the point.

Pansy hairclip: Made by me
Gold clip earrings: Grandma
White and gold brocade jacket: Goodwill
Purple dress: Goodwill
White petticoat: Evangeline's
Gold-tone feather pin: Clipper Cargo Antiques, perhaps?
Watch: Grandma
White gloves with bow details: present from our choir librarian
Shoes: Irregular Choice, via Amazon