I made myself a new dress!  And I am SO pleased with it.  The pattern I used was Advance 6993, a fantastic pattern with princess seams and a dropped waist that seems like it deserves to be made in taffeta:

I made it in cotton, instead, and shortened the skirt by a good 8 inches (which was perhaps an inch or two too many, but it's done now!) so it's more appropriate to picnics than cocktail parties.  The skirt is a circle and a half, and it's terribly tempting to swoosh and twirl everywhere.

Dress: Advance 6993, made by me (yay!)
White Necklace: Present from Pam
White bangles: Various
White petticoats: Goodwill & Evangeline's
Nylons: Target?  A shade too dark, it looks like...
White pumps: Payless
Red floral purse: Vera Bradley, gift from my Aunt Sue