It's not so much that teal and black is one of my favorite color combinations as it is that I've no idea what other colors to wear with teal.  Really, what else goes?

Unfortunately, I felt a smidge 80s-ish instead of the 40s/50s vibe I usually go for.  Also I felt exhausted (can you tell?) because Doug and I have finally gotten back into our routine of jogging and lifting weights now that we've recovered from our nasty little spring colds.  And then I spent two hours attempting to contain the personalities of 6th and 7th grade students at my second interview for a tutoring job.  The hardest question I got was probably, "Miss Frances, how do I draw God?" from a boy working on an illustrated bingo sheet for Spanish class.

Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed that it all works out...  I'm desperately in need of some employment!

Origami earrings: Made by me
Black lace jacket: Forever21
Black blouse: Aeropostale
Teal skirt: Half of an '80s suit... Goodwill, probably
Black gloves: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Bangles: Various
Black flats: Nicole's Shoes (I think)