When I was trying to come up with a manicure for Easter Sunday (yes, I know I'm a bit behind) I toyed with a few possibilities before deciding to try to do a gradient with two gold foil polishes.  I didn't recall seeing many foil gradients in the nail polish blog world.  It turns out that there is a very good reason for this... namely, it is darn near impossible to get all the little foily bits off of one's fingers afterwards.  I think the result was worth it, though.

(My rarely photographed right hand makes a cameo appearance here, as the polish on my left hand was pretty beat up when I took these pictures.  Why did I wait so long to photograph things for the blog?  Well, it had something to do with the amount of glitter that was still stuck to my skin for days...)

I started with one coat of ORLY Luxe, and then made a gradient with Luxe towards the cuticles and ORLY Glitz and Glamour towards the free edge.  I had to paint the stripes of polish directly on a makeup sponge to get the color to transfer, otherwise all the pretty foil glitter stays behind.  Once that was done, I stamped the swirly design from Bundle Monster image plate BM-314 (it's quickly becoming one of my favorite stamp designs) with Essence Stamp Me! White.  I added a layer of topcoat (NYC Grand Central Station) and cleaned off my hands as well as I could and I was done!  What do you think of the look?  Worth the cleanup struggle?