As I have mentioned before, one one of the great perks of being a classical musician is all of the excuses to get dressed up.  Yesterday evening, I had an opportunity to get dolled up to sing chorus in Mozart's Coronation Mass with the Sacramento Philharmonic and Sacramento Opera Chorus.  It was fun, if a bit vocally tiring by the end!  The only downside to dressing up for chorus work is that usually sparkles of all kinds are forbidden.

Saturday's concert also called for long sleeves, which can get a bit uncomfortable under the warm stage lights.  Fortunately, my current black concert gown is made of silk, which kept me a bit cooler.  I still need a really stunning black dress for concert work and solos (a vintage gown would be fabulous... I've been collecting them in my Etsy favorites!) , but for the moment this Grecian inspired gown will do.  It actually started out its life as a white dress, but with a free afternoon and a bit of fabric dye, I was able to transform it into an acceptable version of concert black.  I still need to overdye it one more time, I think, maybe in a larger tub, and hem up the underslip a bit higher (it has a bad habit of poking out the bottom.)

Doug is also working on accumulating a snazzier concert-appropriate wardrobe.  I got him these square moonglow lucite studs and cufflinks for Christmas, and he's taken to wearing a proper bowtie instead of one of those clip-on ones.  He's still wearing his old polyester choir tux and a shirt at least one size too large, so those are up next on the upgrade list.

Hair bow: Old clip-on bowtie (stolen from Doug)
Pearl clip earrings: Grandma
Lace jacket: Forever21
Black silk dress: Nordstrom Rack
Black pumps: Payless