(Good morning.  I, like most everyone else who has seen or read the news in the last day, have heard about the bombing that happened at the Boston Marathon.  Boston is a major gathering place for musicians, and I happen to know a few marathon runners as well.  The people of Boston, the marathon participants, and the injured are in my thoughts today.  I'm not really in a position to react eloquently to what happened, so I'll just be doing what I usually do here:  blogging about pretty things.)

Doug was still a bit under the weather this weekend, so when I heard that he had two services to sing on Sunday, I offered to go with him to the second one to help out.  Now, going to the church Doug works at is a little like stepping into a time machine.  It's a Catholic church that preserves the pre-Vatican II Latin rite, and most of the congregation preserves the image of America, early 1960s or before.  Not quite as sharply dressed, sadly, but I once made the mistake of going to church wearing nice black trousers, and never have I felt so out of place!  The women are always in conservatively cut dresses or skirts (below the knee, always!) and most wear either a hat or a large scarf or lace veil to cover their heads.

I decided I would try to dress appropriately, so I swapped out the gold accessories I'd worn in the morning for some green so that I could wear my favorite hat.  (I really need to acquire some green shoes for ultimate matchy-ness.)  I'm glad that I opted to dress up a little more... I felt much less obtrusive Sunday than I have in the past! 

And, of course, I have to do the twirl test for any new dress.

Green and gold hat: 57th Street Antiques
Gold earrings: Grandma
Bangles: Various
Grey and gold striped dress: FabGabs Vintage
Green patent belt: Target
White petticoat: Evangeline's
White pumps: Payless