Well, it's only taken me until Tuesday to be done with last week... that's good, right?  My room still looks like an exploded storage locker, so I'm having a little trouble finding things to wear and getting presentable-looking in them!  

I decided to wear a few new-to-me-ish accessories on Sunday for church... a simple black hat that I bought at the SF Vintage expo and my new 40s peep-toe pumps.  I also wore my black necklace and earring set... they're becoming quite the favorites of mine.  The necklace strand broke a few weeks back, so I re-strung it at a shorter length and made a matching bracelet out of the remaining beads.

Black hat: SF Vintage Expo
Black plastic necklace, earring, and bracelet set: Grandma
Grey sundress: Advance 6993, made by me
40s Peep-toe pumps: Etsy (worn with those funny footie nylons, as they're still rubbing a little...)