On Tuesday afternoon, I joined a group of vintage-loving ladies at the Sacramento Public Library for a little '40s fashion show put on by the Art Deco Society of Sacramento.  One of the board members goes to the church I sing at, and recommended me to be a model.  Of course, I thought that sounded grand.  Wearing pretty clothes and being on stage... two of my favorite things!

Unfortunately, the organizer assured me that there would be people present to do our hair and makeup, so I didn't need to worry about it... What I didn't realize was that the hair and makeup would be done by a group of students from a local beauty school who could hardly tell a finger wave from a pincurl!  Some of the students were better than others, so I might have just been particularly unlucky... Some of the hairdressers managed something at least artful looking, but they seemed to be somewhat confused by the recent Gatsby movie (hey, anything that happened before you were born is interchangeable, right?) and it didn't occur to any of them until one of the models mentioned it that we might be wearing hats as part of our 40s outfits. The low-light of my experience was definitely the gal who did my makeup, though... she used overly dark colors, then tried to lighten them... spent ages trying to get symmetrical winged eyeliner on, and then couldn't get the eyeliner to dry, so it kept smudging everywhere... and painstakingly tried to paint on a very basic modern red lipstick with a brush, repeatedly going back with concealer to fix the lines.  I ended up sneaking off to a mirror to fix the lipstick, but I couldn't do much about the rest.  Hopefully it looked OK from the stage... I felt a little like a drag queen, and that's coming from someone who is used to stage makeup!

Anyway, back to the good parts!  We each got to model two outfits:  a daytime look and an evening ensemble.  I wore this simple blue linen dress for my day outfit, and was wildly jealous of the three girls after me who were wearing '40s beachwear!  At least I got to play with a little black lucite box purse?

My evening attire, on the other hand, was completely amazing.  After trying on several formal gowns that were too large (!) for me, I settled on this fantastic New York Creations gown in black crepe with gold embroidery.  The sleeves have zippers!  I'm sure that this is the mark of a really killer long-sleeved gown.  And as a bonus, I got to wear a fantastic chocolate mink coat.

I didn't get a good picture of all the ladies in their evening attire, so this snap from Doug's phone will have to do for now.  There were really quite a few amazing items on display.  Supposedly the event was documented for posterity, so if I figure out where they put the rest of the images, I'll be sure to share some better-quality pictures.

In spite of the minor, erm, cosmetic...? drawbacks, the event was huge fun, and it was neat to see so many stunning pieces live and in person.