I've got to figure out a more regular schedule for my blogging now that my year-long challenge is over.  Today's update brought to you by some sort of food poisoning... most of this week has been dedicated to house painting, but I was forced to take it easy today.

Other news of the week... coffee tastes better in silly mugs:

I've been doing some work for a family friend, too, which always comes with perks... this time, I got a box of buttons to go through, a pile of fabric (I have plans to use the forest green wool to make the long-sleeved view of Butterick 9428), a mink collar, and a western-style belt with engraved silver findings.

I also got this trio of hats from a random woman at church... she said that a friend was cleaning out her closet and she thought of me when she saw the hats and nabbed them.  I think the yellow one is the silliest, by far... I should figure out how to wear it to church next Sunday!