Current Weight: 134.5 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 135 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  9.5 lbs

Pardon the less-than-entirely-enthusiastic expression... yesterday was quite blustery around here, and I didn't get to snap any outfit pictures at all until just before rehearsal... In fact, today's pictures are a bit catty-wompus because I took them with the self-timer and the camera balanced in my purse on the hood of my car!

I've managed to switch myself over to a new exercise routine... a half-hour brisk walk in the morning, followed by an evening bike ride, or alternatively a morning bike ride before the day heats up too much.  It's already doing wonders for my strength and general sense of well-being, but it's done a number on my appetite!  Now that I'm biking regularly again, I want to eat everything.  I have to make an effort to  control my snacking impulses!

Blue striped housedress: Goodwill (and I replaced the buttons!)
Bangles: Goodwill
Black hair bow: Icing?
Grey gloves: 57th Street Antiques 
Black leather belt: Grandma
Black Naturalizer wedges: Goodwill