My apologies for being a smidge slow about blogging... I still have yet to replace my laptop, and the big diagonal crack through the screen makes it awfully annoying to edit pictures or type anything!
Anyway, this is what I wore for our final Capella Antiqua concert of the season on Friday night.  We wear colored gowns for most of our concerts, and other ladies had already claimed dark red and navy, so I asked Doug's little sister if I could borrow one of her gowns.  I ended up settling on this fantastic pale pink number that she originally picked out for prom!  I'm not sure it quite agrees with my body type, but it worked well enough with one night.

I had a major battle with my hair when I was getting ready to go... it had no intention of going into any form of formal up-do.  I think I won the first round of the fight, but 20+ blocks of walking and a flurry of trying on '40s gowns (more to come on this in a few weeks!) later, my hair took its revenge.  I managed to get it mostly presentable, but it was sort of a losing battle by that point.

Rhinestone hair clip: Vintage brooch from one of my grandmothers
Rhinestone earrings: Grandma
AB crystal necklace: Someone in my family, not sure who...
AB crystal bracelet: Grandma
Pink beaded gown: Borrowed from Christine
White pumps (hardly visible): Payless