I did it!  Well, sort of.  Anyway, I managed to complete my (well, Fab Gabs') challenge of posting three outfits a week and weighing myself on Wednesday for an entire year.  I didn't necessarily get all of the posts up during the week in which they were photographed, and not all of my weigh-ins got posted on Wednesday, but all in all, an excellent effort on my part, if I do say so myself.

I didn't exactly fare so well on the weight loss front.  I started at 144 pounds with a 27" waist and 41" hips, and ended at 131.5 pounds (this may be a lie, I did switch scales in the middle...) with a 25" waist and 40" hips.  I admit that I did not end up making as much of an effort as I could have... the last year has been a rather curious one for me!  But I did end up embracing some more healthy habits, and I got rid of a few of the extra pounds that had been bugging me.   

What the challenge really forced to do was develop my personal style more.  I've transitioned from wearing a few vintage-inspired looks to using a mid-century aesthetic at the core of my style.  I think it suits my body type much more than the current trend of clothing... the dropped-waist look really doesn't do much for me.  I've grown much more informed about the clothing styles of different eras, have greatly improved my thrifting skills, and have embarked on many sewing projects.

I admit that my nail polish posting has dropped off rather dramatically -- it's not that I haven't been wearing it, I just haven't managed to get the pictures edited and up.  I'm going to blame the giant crack in the middle of my computer screen for my lack of enthusiasm on that front!

Today's outfit features a new peasant blouse I sewed from McCall 7638.  I bought a handful of vintage patterns from Janey's shop, and I couldn't resist sewing up at least one of them right away. It's a real fabric hog, but I think it will be fantastic for the summer weather.  And besides, ruffles!

White peasant blouse: McCall 7638, made by me!
Black and white polka dot skirt: Formerly a dress from Ross (I finally hacked off the top and added a waistband!)
Black flats: Reflection