On Wednesday, Doug and I made a trip down to San Francisco.  I had been scheduled to do some photos for an acquaintance, but my shoot was cancelled at the last minute!  We decided to make the best of a bad situation and head out anyway, and I sure am glad we did.  After braving the nasty Berkeley traffic, we arrived just in time for an early lunch at La Boulange.

Once we had fortified ourselves with sandwiches and coffee, we headed out to the ruins of Sutro Baths to kill some time before we met up with a friend in the city. We spent some time in a little visitor center that hadn't been there when we last visited and looked at photos of the baths in their heyday.  They must've really been something!  Unfortunately, demolition of the baths began in the 1960s, and a fire wiped out the rest.  Now, the ruins belong to the Golden Gate National Parks system.
 Our little beach jaunt let me properly test out my newest summer sewing project, too!  I'll write more about it when I get all the pieces finished, but here's a little preview.  I think it's perfect for enjoying the scenery and being blustered about by the coastal winds.

I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the day (I know, I'm a terrible blogger!  I think I've gotten out of practice...) but we went to Union Square and drooled over the fabric at Britex, and then, after much coordinating via Instagram, met up with the lovely Mary Van Note for coffee.  I'm sure I came across as a babbling idiot (as I often do after too many hours of driving and cups of coffee) but she was awfully nice about it.  As a relative newcomer to vintage, it's always fun for me to meet other vintage lovers in nature, as it were, instead of just online.