Why hello!  Today I actually have a nail polish post.  What a surprise!  My hands have been pretty chewed up by outdoor work, so although I've been trying to baby them back to health, they probably still look a bit rough.

 I was in a teeny CVS the other day, picking up a few makeup essentials I was out of, and I noticed a little display of assorted OPI polishes at the bottom of a shelf.  I ducked down to take a look, and found a couple old bottles of DS Sapphire sitting amongst the other things.  I've worn it a couple times without photographing it (see above comment about the outside work...) but since I'm on the way down to the beach for a little vacation, I thought it was a good time to wear & photograph the blingiest holographic polish in my collection!

 I tried to get a little bit of a closeup of the holo sparkle goodness... it's SO bright!

I'm not sure that the camera even does justice to the extreme sparkle of this color.  It is, by far, the most impressive holographic color in my collection.  Hopefully the weather on the coast is bright and sunny, too, so I can make the most of my sparkles!