Hello, dear readers!  I'm back from the beach, but I still have a few more posts to share with you from my time at the shore.

Now, I understand that textured nail polish is all the rage at the moment.  A lot of people love it.  I really do not.  Buuuuut.... I was at the beach, so I had to try  some version of "sand" nail polish!

Obviously my execution was less than perfect... I just applied a thick layer of topcoat, one nail at a time, and then dipped the nail in the sand!  I tried to tidy up the edges a little once they were dry, but sand is finnicky.  Most of it rubbed off by the end of the day, but some of it was still left when I got home, so I had to bust out the remover to get my nails clean again... gritty sandpaper nails are NOT for me!