Why hello there!  It's me, Frances.  You know, the girl who used to run this blog...?  As I mentioned two weeks ago (yikes!) I've been up to my ears in housepainting... but I'll try to sneak in a few more updates in a regular basis.  

Today I have for you a nail art design that I actually did several weeks ago.  I was holding on to the pictures until the weather really got summer-like!  It's been well over 90 degrees here this past weekend, so I figured that it was about time to post them.

I was inspired to do some watermelon nail art after seeing this great watermelon manicure on Chalkboard Nails. Of course, I had to do my own twist on the design... I decided to do a ruffian design with watermelon rinds on three fingers and accent nails of watermelon skin on the other two.  I was really pleased with how this design ended up turning out, and it was easier than I was afraid it would be!

To accomplish this look, you'll need five nail polish colors:  a dark green (I used China Glaze Holly-Day), a lighter green (Color Club Twiggie), white (Sinful Colors Snow Me White), pink (Color Club Warhol, which is much more neon than these photos suggest), and black (I used a glitter, Wet 'n' Wild Tangled in My Web, but you could just make dots with a regular black polish).  You might also want to have a small paintbrush.

Start by painting all nails with the dark green.
For the accent nails, take the bright green and wipe almost all the polish off the brush.  Then, haphazardly brush back and forth in short strokes to make the watermelon stripes.
For the rest, make a ruffian design by painting each color in an arc matching the shape of the cuticle edge.  To reduce the layers of polish, avoid carrying the light green all the way down the nail.  You will need a good layer of white, though, to make a base for the pink layer.  Add black glitter or make black dots on the pink areas to represent watermelon seeds.  Seal everything over with a good quick-dry topcoat and wait patiently for all of your polish layers to dry, and, ta-dah!  You too can have watermelon nails.