I've been making quite a few trips into the city lately... Doug is at the American Bach Soloists' Summer Academy and Festival and so I've been going in to visit and see concerts.  When I ventured out earlier this week to drop off a few things he'd forgotten, I noticed that a new piece of art had been installed across from my favorite cafe:

Naturally, this called for pictures.  I think there may be some lights in the sculpture that turn on at night, but unfortunately I didn't stay late enough to see that.  Doug and I thought it looked a bit like the Twilight Realm in the Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess game. (Yes.  I know.  We are nerds.)

I know I've posted this dress before (and will soon be posting about it again!) so instead, here is a picture of one of my newest hat acquisitions.  I purchased this one with two others on Etsy from Denim Rose Vintage, who is selling hats that belonged to her grandmother.  The other two will have to wait until fall (there's a New York Creation that I shared on my Instagram... it's amazing!) but this one matches perfectly with my new summer ahn-sahm, so I'm quite pleased with it!