I admit, this post is a bit late in arriving. I meant to post about this lovely hat as soon as I'd worn it, but unfortunately life (well, school) got in the way until this evening. 

I made a few Etsy purchases before we headed out on our cross-country move, and one of them beat me to our destination.  I was expecting a single hat from FabGabs (for completing my year of thrice-weekly vintage blogging) and was baffled to find a rather long rectangular box waiting for me on the kitchen counter.  Surely the hat I chose wasn't that large?  So, as you can imagine I was surprised and delighted to find that Julie had tucked in this red felt number alongside the straw hat that I'd selected.  The whole move has been a bit of an ordeal, so being the recipient of such a thoughtful gift has really been lovely.  The hat is now perched on my bedroom wall, and it makes me smile whenever I see it.  I can't wait for real fall weather to roll in... I think red felt will go nicely with turning leaves!

Red felt hat: Gift from Julie of FabGabs
White earrings: Grandma
White enameled necklace: Gift from Pam
Grey and white cotton dress (rather rumpled): Made by me from Advance 6993
White gloves: Gift from one of the Trinity choir members
Red pumps: Goodwill