When I find vintage that catches my eye that I could never ever afford, I immediately start looking for ways to reproduce them for my own wardrobe.  Lately, I've been completely taken with the bakelite and celluloid necklaces of the '40s, especially those with an autumnal theme, like this amazing (and expensive!) oak leaf and acorn necklace on Etsy.  I've looked around for leaf beads, but none of them are oaks, and I kind of like the acorn theme.  Now, as the daughter of plant scientists, it always bothers me when necklaces have acorns paired with maple or elm leaves, or oak leaves paired with chestnuts, so I wanted my jewelry to be at least somewhat botanically accurate!

I made the mistake of wandering into Michael's the other day, and lo and behold they had bags of plastic "vase filler" in autumnal theme for a few dollars.  For the price, I figured it might be worth a try to see if I could melt or drill the oak leaves to see if I could make them suitable for jewelry.  A few hours and a few failed attempts later, I'd managed to figure out a pretty good system for softening the leaves over low heat, grabbing them with jewelry pliers, and curling their stems into place.  I made one necklace in red, and I think I might make a second with the chartreuse.

Now, to find the right acorns to match...

Red curlique felt hat: Gift from Julie
Red lucite oak leaf necklace: Made by me
Black cardigan: Gift from Doug's mom
 Plaid Sporteens skirt: St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store
Red t-strap pumps: Goodwill