Hello!  Fall isn't really here yet, but I can already tell that it's just around the corner.  Massachusetts is not like California... little bits of cold start creeping in at night in September, and sometimes it's actually cool and crisp in the morning.

Mostly, this is a post to show you my new hat, though... It's the one I ordered from Fab Gabs weeks ago.  I had to do some creative closet-searching to come up with this combo, and I'll have to figure out what else I can wear with it, as it seems just perfect for fall.  

Straw hat with berries: Fab Gabs Vintage
Bakelite and other plastic bangles: Various
Red t-shirt: Target, via Goodwill
Fruit print pencil skirt: Fab Gabs Vintage
Red T-Strap pumps: Goodwill