The first week of school, unsurprisingly, was quite a lot to deal with, so on Saturday, instead of sitting right down to do our homework, Doug, our housemate, Sara, and I headed out on a little day trip.  As you do. 

We started out by heading up to the brick & mortar location of Concetta's Closet, which was lovely, even though the formal gown I tried on must've been made for a 14-year-old.  It was fun to meet Dana in person and kibitz a little, and there were SO many beautiful clothes.  And the hats... don't get me started on those!  By the time I was finished prancing around and trying on all the things, Doug and Sara were ready for some food.  We tried going to a few restaurants, but since they didn't seem to have the whole concept of posted hours down, we ended up heading to Portsmouth on Dana's recommendation.

The three of us spotted the Book & Bar while we were looking for parking, which solved the where-to-go problem pretty quickly.  Food was eaten, coffee consumed, beer drunk, and books purchased... quite the pleasant conclusion to our little outing.


Hair flowers: Various
Black shirt: Aeropostale
Pink, brown, and black plaid skirt: Goodwill
Black bangle: Don't remember... Article Consignment, maybe?
Black flats: Some place in the Saugus mall
Vera Bradley purse: Present from my Aunt Sue