Over the last few days, I have done a lot of intending to take pictures for the blog but not much actual picture taking... so I thought that perhaps now would be a good time to share some pictures of the things I bought on my way across the country last month.  We stopped at various antiques shops along the way and one outdoor day thrift fair, mostly while we were taking our detour through Wisconsin. 

My most expensive purchase of the trip was this amazing '40s velvet hat with curled ostrich feathers and a wide veil that I picked up at an antiques mall in Minocqua.  I don't think I quite have the dress or suit to wear it with, but I'm determined to make it work this fall.  It's quite a lot of hat!

I bought earrings at various stops along the way, to the tune of a dollar or so a pair.  The AB crystal dangles were bought to go with an AB necklace and bracelet I have, the rest were just fun.  I'm really looking forward to wearing the terribly tacky Christmas earrings in December!

I also found a pair of rhinestone lucite orange scatter pins at an antiques shop in Tomahawk... I think the pair cost me $5 (!!) and since I'm leaving my beloved California citrus groves behind, I had to purchase them.  

Not all of the hats I found were expensive.  I got a little red straw summer hat with the most ridiculous feather for just a few dollars. It has this sort of veiling with little velvet tags at the end, and I'm never sure how it's supposed to be worn!

And finally, a little black fascinator with a veil that I found buried in a bin of pillbox hats.  I'm not entirely sure of its age, but it was too pretty to leave behind.

Hopefully all of these purchases will make their way into my regular wardrobe rotation!  And maybe today I really WILL take pictures for the blog!