The weather is getting colder here, so Doug and I went on a shopping excursion last weekend to see if we could find me a few more warm things to wear.  We drove north, stopping here and there, until we got to Newburyport... and then it started to rain!  Apparently neither of us had taken the weather forecast seriously, and we were caught quite unprepared.  We darted into the nearest likely looking shop, which happened to be Modern Millie, and proceeded to browse and shop until the rain lightened up. You'll be seeing my new finds shortly, as I think they're all destined to be wonderful staples for winter. 

I didn't get much of an outfit picture, thanks to the surprise rain and being all ruffled from trying on so many lovely vintage dresses and sweaters.  So here I am, hiding under my jacket so my head didn't get wet.  Ha!