The weather was remarkably nice a few days ago, and I didn't have much to do, so I threw on one of my casual vintage dresses to run a few errands.  For some reason, strangers on the street have a lot more to say about my clothes when I'm in my comfy errand things... perhaps it's because my casual things are a lot more stereotypically vintage?

Maybe it's the scarf, pin curls, and bumper bangs...

The base for most of my casual looks isn't a particularly old piece of clothing, though.  When I can't be bothered to be properly dressed or wear restrictive base layers, I default to cotton and rayon jersey print dresses from the 80s and 90s.  They're comfortable, easy to care for, and blend in pretty well with the rest of my vintage wardrobe.  Not to mention, they're easy to find cheaply in just about any thrift store, or in the back of a female friend or family member's closet!

How do your casual clothes differ from your more put-together look?

Head scarves: From Grandma
Pink moonglow lucite "pearl" set: Also from Grandma
Blue angora cardigan: 57th Street Antiques
Floral cotton jersey dress: Gift from Doug's mom
Black ankle strap flats: Somewhere in the mall...