I finally got around to doing all the hand finishing on one of my most recent sewing patterns, and not a moment too soon!  As I sit here typing, little bits of ice are falling from the sky and tinkling gently on the metal awning.

I've been planning to make or buy a Really Warm Housecoat ever since we realized we'd be moving to Massachusetts.  I bought the pattern over the summer to make a short housecoat, and the fit and construction were user-friendly enough that I figured I'd just make a long housecoat with the same pattern!  After much deliberation, I opted for a satin-y floral print from Jo-Ann fabrics paired with a deep plum fleece for lining.  I toyed with a few cutting options, but ended up going the lazy way and cutting and sewing the lining in one with the outer fabric.

It did not, perhaps, make for the easiest finishing (there were some very bulky seams!) but it was relatively painless and the fleece helped prevent the satin from slipping all over the place.

I ended up using a pair of dark brown bakelite buttons from the button stash since they were the closest to matching:

Not perfect, mind you, but the right size, so they'll do for now. 

Anyway.  It's super toasty warm and I love it.  I actually really like that it has three-quarter length sleeves, because then I don't have to push them up to wash my hands or do normal things around the house.  It does want to gap open at the front when I sit, but if I adjust it when I sit down, I can get it to cover my legs.  In short... I've been wearing it almost all the time when I'm at home, and I want another one! 

Housecoat: Made by me, Butterick 7461
Purple nightgown: One of the clothing exchange shops in Sacramento?
Green suede and faux fur slippers: Etsy