Today's post is going to be a liiitle more picture heavy than some, because this past week I finally got brave enough to wear my best and silliest hat out in public.  Behold:

I purchased this monstrosity of a hat for a mere $30-ish in Wisconsin on our way across the country.  I found it perched on a high shelf in an antiques mall, pulled it down, plopped it on my head, checked the price, and declared that it would be coming with me!  Well, I waffled a little more than that, because I hate spending more than $20 at a time, especially on a single object, but it was too spectacular to pass up, and I knew the price was really a good deal.  An embroidered label inside proclaims it "A Marion Valle' ORIGINAL" ... I've been able to turn up a few advertisements for her works, but very few for sale online!  This is one of the most readily secured hats I own, in spite of (or perhaps due to?) its large size.  A hair comb sewn to a mesh extension is hidden by a black velvet drape in the back, there's a  thin black elastic to hide under my hair, and it came with its own long sharp hat-pin.  As a result, I nearly forgot that I was wearing such a silly hat, and every now and then it took me a few minutes to realize why passerby were giving me funny looks...


 Gold and black hat: Minocqua, WI
Black earring & necklace set: Grandma
Black suit jacket: Etsy
Wool pencil skirt: Goodwill
Dark tan tights: Target
Lucite & rhinestone bangle: Goodwill
Black leather pumps: Thrifted somewhere
Umbrella: Target

 And, as a bonus, I finally got to cover (a bit of) the Sorceress in that evening's rehearsal.  Funny hat and all.