I did a little bit of splurge-shopping for myself on Black Friday this year, which was a first for me... but New England winter is rather different than Central California winter, so I had a few things that couldn't wait 'till Christmas!  Well, one of those purchases was a bust, which was a shame (I've heard so many good things about Miss L Fire!) but the other one exceeded my expectations.  Of course, I had to wait for an appropriately picturesque day to photograph it for the blog...

I've been hunting for The Perfect Coat for a few years now.  You know the sort... princess lines, nipped waist, full flared skirt with enough room to hide a large party dress under... the 1950s dream coat.  I'd been keeping an eye out in retail shops and at thrift stores ever since my dear friend Rose found one that fit the bill at H&M (of all places!) a few years back, but I never had any luck.  So, with a properly cold winter approaching, I decided to see if I could hunt one down on Etsy that fit my specifications, size, and budget.

I think I got a winner.  It was a leeeetle bit on the high side of what I wanted to spend, but with the weekend sales I think I got I good deal.  The coat is heavy wool, lined with thick satin, interfaced with canvas around the hips, and interlined (!) with even more wool for warmth.  It has bunches of faceted buttons with gold edges, a velvet peter pan collar that comes to a point in the back (and with which one can do a passable evil queen impression one wants), and pockets!  And, of course, it has an immensely full skirt which I can smuggle at least two petticoats under.  Evidently I'm quite pleased... and wonderfully toasty warm!


 Coat: Andrea's Antiques on Etsy
AB rhinestone earrings & bracelet: Grandma
Green scalloped gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Green dress: Raspberry Beret 
Winter-weight stockings: from Solanah
40s fur and velveteen overboots: Etsy