I was picking out my church clothes Sunday morning, and it occurred to me that I still hadn't shown you all one of my favorite dresses!  I posted a few sneak peeks of it in December, but apparently I never got around to posting the whole thing.  I've clearly been holding out on you.

Doug and I found this amazing dress tucked between a few much larger pieces in Raspberry Beret, and when I went to try it on I figured out pretty quickly why nobody else had bought it!  See, it fits me like a glove, and it's insanely flattering... but putting it on is a struggle and taking it off is nearly impossible.  Naturally, a dress like that is a bit daunting to get into in a thrift shop dressing room!  I'm glad that I persevered, though, because solid-colored dresses like this are a huge staple in my wardrobe.  I love that I can pair them with just about any color accessories and, voila, I look like I took the time to get all dressed up. (Ha.)

The little black tilt hat I'm wearing has certainly seen better days, but for $5 I wasn't about to pass up such a fantastic wardrobe basic.  I have at least a few hats that need re-veiling, so that will be a project (and perhaps a tutorial?) for another day. I also have dreams of making a few faux birds with pin back that I could attach interchangably to match different outfits... wouldn't that be fabulous?


Black coat with studded trim: Wilson's Leather Outlet
Pinecone brooch: Gift from Hannah (@giltriddenvintage)
Black tilt hat: Witch City Consignment
Green 40s wool dress: Raspberry Beret
Black faceted earrings: Thrifted
Black faceted bracelet: Grandma's
Black lace edged half slip: Savers
Black 40s peep-toe pumps: Etsy