Happy weekend! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday, whether or not you shared it with a significant other.  Doug and I had a leisurely brunch followed by a trip into Boston so that Doug could audition for a singing job.  They hired him on the spot, and a few phone calls later I was confirmed as Doug's replacement at his old job, so the rest of the day had a certain air of rejoicing.

Our anniversary (date-iversary?) is actually on Valentine's Day, so it's a particularly good excuse to be fancy and exchange gifts and all that.  Doug gave me a fantastic pink rhinestone costume jewelry set and an absolutely fantastic vintage garment that's been on my wishlist for a while... photgraphs forthcoming after I do a little mending and such.  I gave him a tie and a pair of deco mother of pearl cufflinks to go with a trio of shirt studs he got from a family friend a year or two ago.

...and I even managed to talk him into getting in a photo with me before we scuttled back indoors to make dinner. (Garlic butter mushrooms and shrimp with pasta, if anyone's curious.)

Raspberry felt hat: Modern Millie Newburyport
Pink rhinestone earrings and brooch: Valentine's present from Doug
Pink pashmina: Present from Sara
Hot pink bakelite: Savers (yeah. really.)
1960s leather purse: Savers
1950s dress coat: Etsy
40s rayon dress: Oona's Experienced Clothing
Vintage cotton stockings: Solanah
Fur and velveteen overboots: Etsy