Today's outfit was inspired by the theme for this week's #ootdsocialclub on instagram: bakelite colors!  I managed to score a few more bakelite bangles at the local Savers last week, and two of them were a fantastic egg-yolk yellow that matched pretty fantastically with a few of the things I already had in my wardrobe.    Perhaps not the most seasonal of color choices, but bright and cheery for a snowy grey day. 
I also finally have enough bakelite for a little bitty bangle stack, and I think I understand some of its allure... they make such a melodious sort of clattering when I move, much prettier sounding than most plastic bangles.

... Now, if you came here for neatly posed outfit pictures, I'm afraid we don't have any of that today.  You see, going out into a foot of snow to take pictures results in some rather silly things:


Carved caramel bakelite bangle and earrings: Grandma's
Other bakelite: Thrifted
Embroidered sweater: Savers'
Goldenrod cotton circle skirt: Made by moi
Black petticoat: Evangeline's
Grey sweater tights: Marshall's
Black Clark's boots: Christmas present from my mom