Wearing a black turban, brown sweater, and quilted skating skirt in front of a red shed

Hello there!  It's a wee bit snowy outside.  In solidarity with my friends in Oregon, I've been hunkered down indoors drinking tea and working on projects.  I've been doing a bit of housecleaning around the blog, tidying up the layout and what have you.  I've been writing this blog for over three years now, and I haven't updated the look since day one!  So obviously it was due. 

Since I don't have a regular church singing gig at the moment, I often accompany Doug to his church and set up camp in a nearby coffeeshop to get computer work done.  Somehow, it's easier for me to stay on task when I'm "renting" my chair space with a $3 latte!  I hadn't gotten around to setting my hair on Saturday night, so I've tucked it all up in a warm fleece turban.  I found this tutorial for a turban a la Hedy Lamarr over at Lilies and Remains one evening when my pincurled head was too cold, and I've since made a few in different colors of fleece for a little extra wintertime glam.  They're dead simple, and look a good bit nicer than a ski cap, I think.  (As a bonus, I find they stay on much better than a silk scarf, so I may need to make a lighter weight version to keep my curls tidy in the warmer months.)

Smiling closeup, wearing a black fleece turban accessorized with a gold brooch outside in the snow

 I thought it might be a good idea to wander out into the backyard to take a few photos of my outfit, but it turns out that the snow was a little deeper than I was anticipating.  Whoops.

Feet in 1940s velvet and rabbit fur overboots, standing in about a foot of snow
Wearing a black turban, brown sweater, and quilted skating skirt in front of a red shed

Black fleece turban: Made by me
Gold brooch: Thrifted somewhere
Gold earrings: Grandma's
Japanese bracelet: gift from a woman at church
Brown sweater: Concetta's Closet
Quilted ice skating skirt: Concetta's closet
Overboots: Etsy