Today I got to take a little day trip down to Providence, Rhode Island to meet up with a fellow vintage blogger!   Whitney of Little Heap Vintage just moved from New York, and of course I had to take advantage of the opportunity to visit another vintage friend nearby.

I headed down with a bag of oatmeal cookies, and Whitney provided the list of vintage and antiques shops within a comfortable driving radius, and we set out hunting.  I think she did better than I did (five dollar overshoes, people... curse my size 9 clodhopper feet) but I did manage to find a small hat and a sewing pattern for a formal gown that I might end up experimenting with.

Hat: Queen's Vault Antiques
Suit: Modern Millie Newburyport
Black gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Shoes: DSW

It's always very enjoyable to get to meet another vintage lover in the real world for shopping and chit-chat... I think it's one of the better things that has come about from my blogging adventures!  Do you have any nearby shopping buddies who share your interests?