I'm still doing my wear-purple-for-Lent thing on Sundays, but since Saint Patrick's Day is a big deal around these parts, I figured that perhaps I should wear green as well.  Fortunately, I had some perfectly color-coordinated pieces in my wardrobe.  Unfortunately, I've completely mislaid the other one of my dark green gloves, so I had to go without.  What a shame... they matched so well!

I have lots of photos today (or at least I feel like I've included a lot!) because I have quite a  few new things in today's ensemble.  The purple suit is a gift from Doug, and I'm quite excited to wear it this spring and summer.  It's made of something like a cotton or linen twill, and is therefore a bit prone to wrinkling.  I'm not one hundred percent sure about the color on me (I prefer cooler purples), but these photos are winning me over quickly.  Looking at it now, it occurs to me that it's really a paler shade of this year's Pantone color, Radiant Orchid.


 The other new item in these photos is this pair of amazing green Chelsea Crew shoes.  I've been on a quest for a pair of properly green (forest, emerald, or lime; no teal or olive need apply) pumps for more years than I care to admit.  When I initially spotted these at Modern Millie in Salem, I refrained from trying them on because I was sure I'd want to buy them... not something I wanted to do on a tight budget!  A few weeks ago I went back and there was exactly one pair left, and in my size.  I decided to bite the bullet and purchase them, because I knew that otherwise I'd be kicking myself for letting them get away.

I was actually pleasantly impressed by how much I liked the skirt on its own... I usually go for either a pencil skirt or a giant puff of skirt and petticoat, and I don't really own more moderate silhouettes.  I think I may have to create a few more like this one for blustery days when I don't want to deal with all the volume of petticoats.

Fur and ribbon hat: Somewhere in Morro Bay?
Bakelite bracelet and earrings: Gift from a family friend
Purple suit: Modern Millie Salem
Green jersey blouse: Salvation Army
Green belt: Swiped from another dress in my closet
Green Chelsea Crew shoes: I got the last pair at Modern Millie Salem, but you can get them on ModCloth