Ta-daaa!  I have a new dress.



Okay, so there are a few last things that really should be finished up.  Like adding a hook and eye to the waistline and apparently stitching down the collar a little better and finding one more button.  But other than that, it's done.

 I got the pattern and the wool last summer, and thought they'd be perfect together.  I had grand plans of making View A (with the sleeves and the collar) for fall out of this lovely forest green wool... I thought it would go perfectly with a fall leaves hat I have, and perhaps I could use a set of Satsuma maple leaf buttons for thematic unity.

And then fall came and went and I had not sewn the dress.

I finally got out the pattern over winter break, and traced and arranged and cut and sewed.  I had to turn some pieces interesting directions to get everything to fit, but it worked.  And the dress went together beautifully and the fit was great (and in real life the bust darts are even, but it got a bit rumpled in transit to photos)... and then I got to the collar. 

... and then I got to the collar.  I don't know whether I marked the buttonholes wrong or screwed up the collar insertion or what, but nothing I could do would convince the collar to look like the pattern illustration.   So, I did a little creative collar origami and trimmed and sewed and rearranged things into what you see below.   It's evident that it didn't quite stay in place when I took my coat on and off, so a few more stitches may be needed to secure it in the desired position.  It turned out that my little adjustment was a bit of a godsend on the buttons front, too.  Now I'm only one button short instead of four.

In the end, I'm pretty dang pleased with it!  Obviously there are still a few little things to adjust, and I think it would look much better if it had the belt that the pattern advised.  I have plans to sew at least one other view, the yellow one with the scallops, but that one takes (good heavens) at least fifteen buttons, and I'm not sure how that's going to work!

...oh, and if anyone sees another one of these green heart buttons, you'll let me know, won't you?

Dress: Butterick 9428, made by me.  Pattern from Atomic Hideaway, fabric a gift from a friend, and buttons from Wakefield Uncommon Antiques.
Black velvet pom pom hat: Modern Millie Newburyport
Black faceted bracelet and necklace: Grandma's
Turtle novelty brooch: ??? Maybe Clipper Cargo in Vacaville
Vintage stockings: from Solanah (Le Mew Vintage on etsy)
Low-heeled loafers: DSW