Spring is here!  Or at least, that's what the calendar says.  I'm not entirely sure I believe it, but I did my best to come up with a springy outfit and braved the outdoors without a coat for a little while to take some pictures.  It was a balmy 50 degrees out, but still a bit chilly without a sweater.  I've seen other bloggers posting photos that look very springy indeed, but I looked in all of our flower beds and it seems that nothing is coming up just yet.

The purple hat was a Merry-Christmas/Birthday-To-Me present, and although I love it (because giant purple and gold bows!) it's very difficult to pair with anything I own... I definitely need to come up with some creative styling ideas to make it work. It also needs a little more repair work, as there's only a small shredded remnant of the veil in the center of the hat.

I also clearly need to make another version of this dress out of a fancier fabric and with a few extra inches of hem on it... I shortened the "muslin" of it a bit too much, methinks.


Bow-covered hat: Etsy
White earrings: Grandma
White necklace: Present from a family friend
Dress: Advance 6993, made by moi
Purple Malco Modes petticoat: Christmas present from Doug
White gloves: ???
Bangles: Thrifted various places
White tights: Cheapo ones from Target
Purple pumps: Christmas present from Doug a few years ago