The weather is slooooooowly warming up, and it's finally nice enough outside to drag out the patio furniture and have a meal or do a bit of studying outdoors. 

I wasn't going to photograph this outfit, but I was discussing casual vintage with Whitney a while ago and I thought that perhaps it would be good for me to share an example of what I wear when I don't get all dolled up. 

I have a collection of 80s and 90s rayon and cotton jersey and woven dresses which I usually wear as my casual clothes.  As far as I'm concerned, throwing on a dress is every bit as easy as (if not easier than!) getting dressed in pants and a t-shirt.  As a bonus, it seems to make people think you're really making an effort.  I tend to prefer dresses that fall below the knee, have a short sleeve, and have at least a moderately full skirt.  I think these styles can be persuaded to look 40s or 50s with a bit of careful accessorizing. 

I didn't even bother doing anything with my hair in these pictures, which makes the whole thing a bit more mordern-looking than usual, but I think the ensemble keeps a bit of vintage flair in spite of its comfier (and lazier) sensibilities.

Faceted necklace: Grandma
Faceted earrings: Somewhere in Wisconsin
Bakelite and plastic bangles: Thrifted
Sparkle-shouldered sweater: Ross
80s floral rayon dress: Goodwill
Black comfy leather pumps: Savers