Last month, we talked about how to organize and store petticoats.  This month, I've finally buckled down and sorted out the rest of my glove collection!

Up until recently, I'd been storing my gloves in a big bin on a shelf in my closet... which was fine, but every time I wanted a pair, I had to take the bin out, rummage through, have trouble finding both gloves, and stuff the disheveled mess back into the closet for the next time.  Obviously, improvements were warranted.

I took my quest for better organization to Instagram, and Brittany said she keeps her gloves clipped to a ribbon on the wall with clothespins.  I could have left it at that, but I wanted to make sure that my clothespins would stay put, so I've added a few extra steps.

You'll need:
  • a length of ribbon or string
  • some clothespins
  • and a collection of poorly organized gloves

Cut a length of string a little longer than you'd like your glove display to be.  Tie a loop on one end of your string for easy hanging.

Thread your ribbon through the spring of the clothespin, and scoot it along until it's three or four inches from the loop.

Tie a knot with the ribbon ends and snug it down at the top of the spring.  Your clothespin isn't going anywhere!

Repeat, spacing the pins a few inches apart, until you're almost out of ribbon.  Finish the other end with another loop.

I originally displayed my rainbow of gloves on the wall next to my vanity, but I decided they were getting too much sunlight, so I moved them into my closet.  (I also needed to make a second organizer to hold all of my neutral-colored gloves!)

How do you store your gloves?  Do you sort them by color like I do?