It's Sunday... would you look at that!  I guess it means I survived the week.  Doug has been doing all of the wrapping-up-the-semester finals and performances and papers, and I've been working and dashing out to the garden whenever it isn't raining, in hopes of getting it in some sort of reasonable shape before the weather gets properly warm.

Anyway, lots of hours of work and garden hours and late nights mean that I took some photos this week but didn't post any of them.  So let's get to fixing that, shall we?

On Wednesday evening, Doug and I went out for a light dinner and then to the open dress rehearsal of Boston Lyric Opera's I Puritani.  Doug had tickets through school, and since they had extras he was able to snap up a significant other ticket, too.  This was my first experience with Boston Lyric, and although I enjoyed the performance very much (occasionally for the wrong reasons), I was surprised to discover that the overall quality wasn't much above our old local haunts at Sacramento Opera.  The theater space, though, was much better suited to an opera company than the unfillably huge theater in Sacramento.

All of the pieces I wore to the opera have a bit of backstory.  I just got this tan wool swing coat last weekend from a parishoner at the church I work at... more on it later!   I paired it with a novelty brooch winding watch... which actually works!  Although I didn't think to set the time before I put it on my coat (although I did wind later), so it wasn't exactly serving its purpose properly.

Mostly, though, I was happy to have an excuse to wear this fantastic 60s dress I picked up while Hannah was visiting.  I took a gamble on it fitting at the Davis Square Flea, and since my measuring tape said it was about right (plus, it's a knit, so it would be stretchy...) I forked over the $15!  The entire waistband is peppered in prong-set rhinestones, which don't show up will in these photos but which are quite sparkly in real life.  Unfortunately, the dress is a smiiiiiidgen on the small side for someone who has been indoors all winter... it turns out that the waistband was all lined, and has no stretch whatsoever!  So I am a bit sqeezed in, and I had a very small dinner before the show!

AB crystal drop earrings: (totally invisible) thrifted in WI
Black knit dress: Davis Square Flea
AB crystal bracelet: Grandma's
Tan swing coat: Gift
Watch brooch: Savers
Black pumps: Savers