Wearing vintage on a nearly daily basis can have some interesting side effects.  Comments, compliments, pulled out hems... but one of the most interesting, to me, is that wearing vintage often attracts more vintage.

I've acquired a few pieces in this way...  a hat here, a box of gloves there, as ladies who see me at church approach me and ask if I'd be willing to take and wear a few of these prized possessions from an earlier era, too valuable for Goodwill but unlikely to be appreciated by children or grandchildren.  Unless the piece is in terrible condition or I would never wear it, I usually say yes.  Which is how, a few Sundays ago, I found myself taking home a beautiful cream colored coat and a small aqua box with a handwritten label reading "marble."

 Both the coat and the set of jewelry belonged to the mother of one of the parishioners at my current church.  The coat, she recalled, was a sort of spring-and-fall number, good for Eastertime in Washington, D.C., where she grew up.  The pin and earrings were brought back from Scotland by her father, who had been out on business.  She'd contemplated getting the screwback earrings converted to posts, but the cost and the weight of the marble both proved prohibitive, so they needed to find a new home where they'd be properly loved and worn.
I thought it made the best sense to keep the jewelry and the coat together, especially since they matched so well!  Of course, I always make a point of wearing things I receive as gifts as soon as possible.... so two Sundays later, the coat and jewelry came back to church with me!  And after church, the coat's original owner came up to me and bestowed the sort of wonderful compliment that comes with vintage clothing... "That coat looks beautiful on you... Mother would be very pleased!"


Red straw hat with comical feather: Thrifted in Wisconsin
Vintage hairnet: c/o Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments
Cream coat and marble jewelry: Gift from Rowena at church
Cream blouse: Goodwill
Red wool skirt: Savers
Red gloves: 57th Street Antiques (I think)
Gold bangle: Grandma's
Shoes: Mrs. Lower pumps, Irregular Choice