Ugh.  You guys, I have come down with the dreaded Summer Cold.  I only want to curl up under a blanket with a mug of hot tea, but it's way too warm for that so I'm unglamorously flopped on the couch in my pajamas and a cup of ice water.

In spite of these (obviously very challenging) struggles, I got all dolled up Wednesday evening to see OperaHub's production of Der Vampyr.  The show was awesome (also free) and is still playing tonight and tomorrow night... hint hint.  If you're in the Boston area and need something to do, check it out!

The wind  and my hair clearly were having a disagreement when  we took pictures, and my body had decided that my attempts to have dinner were a terrible offense and did its best to puff up like a small blimp, but I think I look pretty collected considering how lousy I was feeling!  I had a little trouble deciding what to wear, as documented on Instagram, but I eventually decided that if I was going to see a vampire opera, my accent color obviously should be red.

Sniffles aside, while Doug and I were checking the pictures we'd taken, we overheard a little girl ask her mother "Are they getting married?" which mom replied "No honey, they're just wearing beautiful clothes."  I think that takes the cake for people assuming I'm overdressed!  Have you ever gotten any really silly comments while decked out in vintage?


Blue lace dress: Modern Millie Newburyport
Red fabric rose: Icing
Black earrings: Thrifted
Black and red lucite necklace: Busia (I think?)
Red gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Red petticoat: Betty Page
Red pumps: Goodwill
Vera Bradley purse: Gift from my Aunt Sue