Hello!  Although it's cold and rainy this evening, there were a few truly lovely days this past week... and we took advantage of the combination of gorgeous weather and out-of-town visitors to make a proper excursion to the beach.

I wanted to wear another one of my new pieces, so I opted for this fabulous linen-ish dress I bought from Brittany's (of Va-Voom Vintage fame) shop, Vintage Under Thirty.  Linen-ish?  Well, the label says it's made of "Hand Washable Tublin".... apparently, according to the single Google hit, a rayon fabric made to resemble linen while being less wrinkle-prone.  I have to say, I didn't bother ironing it after pulling it out of its shipping package, so I think that attests well to its wrinkle resistance!
The dress is (supposedly) lightly stained, so if that becomes an issue I may try to overdye it blue for a more nautical look, but for the moment it seems quite ready to go on a safari!  I might have to go the Atomic Redhead route and come up with a chiffon-draped pith helmet to match.

And did you notice my extra-colorful sandals?  They're Crocs.  Yes really.  I noticed this style on their website last summer and, after finding it in a local discount shoe shop earlier this year, I snapped up a pair for myself in this cheerful multi-colored design.  So far I'm super impressed with the comfort and the relative good looks of these sandals, and I'm tempted to go seek out their platform-heeled cousins!  Do you have any favorite vintage-appropriate summer sandals I should check out?

Hat: Antiques shop somewhere?
Black necklace: Grandma
Bakelite and plastic bangles: Thrifted
Sunglasses: JC Penny
Purse: Vera Bradley, a present from my Aunt Sue
Linen-look vintage dress: Vintage Under 30
Colorful sandals: Crocs (!)