We've been entertaining guests over here at the Hunting House, but I've been taking pictures anyway and I promise that I've got no shortage of future blog posts, if only I can get around to writing them!

Today, I have for you a little vintage copycat, sort of like I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Butter, but with less artificially flavored salty yellowness.  As regular readers probably know, I tend to take to my sewing machine to re-create vintage that I otherwise couldn't possibly afford.  I'm quite a fan of dresses I can just throw on to do errands and chores, and I'd gotten the idea of making a wrap-back Swirl style dress after seeing sewing patterns for the same on a few other blogs. (I think By Gum, By Golly may have been one of the biggest inspirations...)  So I poked around on Etsy for a while until I found a pattern that would work at an acceptable price, poked around the fabric store for some inexpensive but interesting cotton, and got to work.

I have to say, I love it.  I'm completely sold on the back wrap design, the dress is wonderfully comfortable, and I think I need to make several more in other colors with different bodice designs.

Stay tuned for more photos later and some better details on the construction... I bothered my dad to snap these pictures after church on Sunday, and we didn't have time to properly document it before running off to our next activity, so I'll re-shoot it soon for the sewing-inclined (and also because I have no intention of taking it off except to wash it for the next week.)

Red feathered hat: Thrifted in Wisconsin somewhere
Blue moonglow lucite earrings: Savers
Blue fuzzy sweater: 56th Street Antiques Mall
Not!Swirl wrap dress: Advance 7757, made by me!
Bakelite and other plastic bangles: Thrifted various places
Red shoes: Goodwill